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Prior to commencement of surgery, careful and detailed planning is required to identify vital structures such as the inferior alveolar nerve or the sinus, as well as the shape and dimensions of the bone to properly orientate the implants for the most predictable outcome.

A wide range of grafting materials and substance may be used during the process of bone grafting/bone replacement. They include the patient’s own bone (autograft), Which may be harvested, from the hip (iliac crest) or from chin; processed bone from cadavers (allograft); bovine bone or coral (xenograft) or artificially produced bone-like substances. Alternatively, the bone intended to support the implant can be split and widened with the implant placed between the two halves like a sandwich referred to as a ‘ridge split’ procedure. The use of these grafts and their implementation in various cases with the help of membrane procedure will enhance the knowledge and the practice of Implant Dentistry.
Bone Augmentation
  • Basic principles of Bone Augmentation,graft materials & membranes.
  • Direct Sinus Graft Procedures
  • Indirect Sinus Graft Procedures
  • Block Only grafts
  • Rideg Splitting
  • Bone Expansion
  • Distraction Osteogenesis

Chin Graft & iliac crest graft procedures

Socket preservation

Soft Tissue Grafts in Implants

Cadaver training


  • An opportunity to assist the surgeons during all the above procedures
  • Certain Grafting procedures will be handled by the participant under the guidance of the faculty
  • To practice bone harvesting procedures on cadaver
  • The program consists of lectures, discussion demonstrations and hands-on, evaluations and interactive video presentations
  • State-of-the-art library facility with easy access to latest books and journals


  • The participant will be able to practice Implant dentistry even in compromised bone situations by using various grafting techniques
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