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An overview of the Veneers Course, below

In yester years was restricted only to the celebrities, it has now become a dictum even to the common man. Cosmetic dentistry is evolving by the day and has today become a necessity rather than a luxury. Hence in our practices today we are faced with the demand to give our patients newer and better smiles.

Keeping the above in mind, this course is designed to provide participants, with the knowledge and skill needed to start doing porcelain laminates confidently thus improving the smiles of their patients while simultaneously growing their dental practice and also having a distinctive edge over others.

Porcelain laminate veneers can be fabricated using different techniques. All require an impression of the prepared tooth & the opposing arch, preparation of casts, and lengthy laboratory time. However, due to technological advances in dentistry, a dental restoration can be placed in just one single visit. The purpose of CAD/CAM technology is to design restorations within the dental office in a timely, more predictable manner. Not only are the results more predictable, but also the fatigue resistance and tensile strength of CAD/CAM materials have been shown to be quite excellent.

Quick Info

*Batch Commencing JAN’ 2023
*Venue: SSCDS Campus, Vikarabad & City Center Langer Houz
*Course Fee: 30,000 INR
*Course Duration: 5 days
*Call now !! +91 9652 455600


  • Course includes demo of composite veneers, veneer preparation. 
  • Opportunity to do minimum of one composite veneer case and one ceramic laminate.
  • Exposure to lab work flow.
  • Learn under the close guidance of world renowned faculty in the field of aesthetic dentistry.


  • Case selection and Planning for dental laminates.
  • Master the laminate preparation and Gingival retraction.
  • Shade selection for best esthetic results.
  • Cementation for different types of laminates.
  • Esthetic problems can be solved with laminate veneers
  • Ceramic laminate construction including Refractory, Pressable and CAD/CAM techniques.

Dental Laminates Course

Course starts from
JAN, 2023


  • The course is designed for 5 days.
  • Day-1: case selection, veneer options and procedure detailing, planning and mock-ups.
  • Day-2: demo of the procedure and case allotment.
  • Day-3 to Day-5:  veneer preparation, fabrication and cementation.


Didactic Lectures :

  • Indications for laminates.
  • Criteria for case selection.
  • Preparation guidelines.
  • Lab communication
  • Luting Techniques
  • Finishing and Polishing
  • Marketing strategies

Clinical demo & hands-on :

  • Live demonstration on a patient.
  • Gingival retraction techniques.
  • Impression procedures.
  • Shade selection criteria.
  • Hands-on by participants on models
  • CAD CAM Designing in lab
  • Trial and adjustments.
  • Luting, finishing and polishing

Previous Batch Gallery

Faculty of Dental laminates

Dr.PP Reddy


25+ Years of experience

Dr.Smitha Reddy


20+ Years of experience



10+ Years of experience


General Dentist

8+ Years of experience

Dr. Abhinav


5+ Years of experience

Dr. Shilpa


5+ Years of experience

Dr. Swathi


5+ Years of experience

Dr. Aravinda


10+ Years of experience

Adventure While you learn Dental Laminates

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